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How do I get a Buyer Rebate?

1. You must be a Customer or Client of Rebates Realty. 
2. The purchase price of the property must be $200,000 or more.
3. Rebates are based on a 3% commission paid to Rebates Realty.
If the commission rate is less, the rebate will be adjusted as well.  
4. The contract date to closing date must be 60 days or less. 
New construction close dates may differ, we work on a case by case basis.

How much Rebate do I get?   

Purchase Price Rebate Amount
$200,000 $1,500
$300,000 $2,500
$400,000 $3,500
$450,000 $4,000
$400,000 $3,500
$450,000 $4,000
$500,000 $5,000
$550,000 $5,500
$600,000 $6,000
$650,000 $6,500
$700,000 $7,000
$750,000 $7,500
$800,000 $8,000
$850,000 $8,500
$900,000 $9,000
$950,000 $9,500
$1,000,000 $10,000
$2,000,000 $20,000
$3,000,000 $30,000

Too good to be true? Read some of our Testimonials and see what our satisfied clients have to say! Not only do we give a cash rebate we provide friendly professional service to our valued customers.


Rebates are always disclosed and made in accordance to the legal lending practices. Rebates may be taxable, check with your tax advisor.  In applicable circumstances allowable closing fees may be paid in lieu of a Rebate.  Rebates will be paid or credited at closing whenever possible.
Many people have asked why the Rebate?  
Well why not!  We reward you for the work you've already done by sharing our commission with you!  We know you are doing preliminary searching online and driving your preferred neighborhoods!   We want to work with savvy buyers like you!  You probably found us online or through a referral from a friend or relative and that means you fit the profile!  Your familiarity of the market makes our education process much more streamlined.  You are able to do your preliminary shopping & elimination online, eliminating drive time.  The Availability of virtual tours, picture tours, visiting community websites etc. enhances the process.  We are able to accomplish much prior to our first meeting - a huge difference from just years ago - resulting in saving both of us precious time and money!  

How do we work with buyers?  (aka - Are you getting discount service?)
We listen, discuss your needs and work with you to meet your goals respecting your budget and timeline.  We educate you on the market, the process and make sure you’re teamed with professionals to help you every step of the way, lenders, inspectors, tradesmen, escrow and closing agents to name a few!
You activate your personal Home Search and receive updates daily via email.  We will help to fine tune that search and get it running smoothly.  We'll provide you with local expertise on the value and amenities of the area you have selected.  We'll introduce you to the properties that meet your requirements.  We'll tour the list of properties and help you make an informed decision.  We'll successfully negotiate on your behalf to secure the property you choose. We'll determine the amount of your Buyer Rebate and disclose it prior to offer submission.  

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